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The logic of capitalism
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A critique of the writings of leading Indian subalternists. By C.T. KURIEN

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I am reminded of Sudhir Mishra's film, Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi, when
K K Menon and his comrades descend into the village to bring about a
revolution against the exploitative zamindars. In the film, KK
reminisces of the instance where the villagers finally decide enough
is enough and troop in to kill the old zamindar with battle axes and
laathis. At the stroke of the attack, however, the zamindar feigns a
cardiac arrest and hold his chest. The very moment the villagers drop
their weapons and carry him to the hospital with the guilt of his
possible death weighing heavy on their shoulders. Such is the
dominance of social over the economic in colonies. But to state that
capitalism may not influence such deep rooted structures is to deny
its effects on our urban workers where it has taken root; also to
assume capitalism's obsession to alter the social, beyond the economic
interests the alteration may serve. It is the ability to negotiate
with all for expansion makes capitalism dangerous.
from:  Rakesh Katarey
Posted on: Jul 1, 2013 at 12:36 IST
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Volume: 31
Issue: 14
Issue Date: 25-07-2014



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