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Through my window

Creative border crossings

'King Lear' being presented using the kathakali form in Thiruvananthapuram, a file picture. The staging was a joint venture between Kerala Kalamandalam and the Paris-based cultural organisation

Through my Window

Finding her voice

Sarah Joseph. She is perhaps the first conscious feminist in Malayalam fiction though Saraswathyamma had all the makings of one.


The cinema child

The actor Ellar Coltrane at age six in a scene from the film

Through my Window

Rereading Gandhi

April 5, 1930: Mahatma Gandhi arriving in Dandi , where he met Sarojini Naidu, to break the Salt Laws.


Skills and ills

The education company Pearson and the Government of Assam jointly introduced vocational skill training in some schools in the State to improve employment opportunities for young people. Here, a training session in a government school in Guwahati in December 2012.


One more chimera

The unkindest cut

Schoolchildren in front of the National AIDS Control Organisation's Red Ribbon Express before its launch, at Safdarjung Railway Station, New Delhi, on January 12, 2012. The government appears to be planning spending cuts on the National AIDS Control Programme.


The epic in a pixel

Director Rajan and Kumar Shahani in 'When the Bird became a Wave'.


Close-up and up close

Exterior shot of the prison wall in Necati Somez's

Squeezing the olives

The cell at Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated.


Tata owes me some money

The Doordarshan emblem. In the late 1970s, the government-owned Doordarshan was the only television act in town.


Content marketing challenge

Customers at a Chipotle Mexican Grill in San Francisco, U.S.The fast-food chain propagates, through its own video animations, the values of organic farming, poultry and meat from livestock raised humanely on small and medium farms, and hormone- and antibiotic-free animal husbandry.

Through my Window

Chiselled poetry

Sitakant Mohapatra. He belongs to the second generation of modernist poets in Odiya.


Caste spins and readings

The journalist Rajdeep Sardesai (right) with the historian Ramachandra Guha at a function in Bangalore. While we need to cut Rajdeep no slack for this lapse of judgment, some of the broad-brush diatribe and generalisation it has occasioned in sections of the social and mainstream media seem quite over the top and counterproductive.

Through my Window

From the earth and the sky

Mangalesh Dabral.

‘Cleaning up’ India

At this public toilet for women at Sriramapuram in Bangalore, the user's expression says a lot about the conditions inside and outside the facility.

Dreams of a lost land

Ibohal Kshetrimayum. He is a poet of images; his poetry has an unfailing visual impact.
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