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Cover Story
Cover Story
Personal laws: A reality check
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Paul Noronha A demonstration organised by a women's organisation on the International Women's Day, in Mumbai in March 2005.

Fragmentation of religious authority, greater debate and dissent within communities, and increasing literacy and awareness among women have transformed the landscape of personal laws and made the old debate over a uniform civil code largely irrelevant. By ROHIT DE

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Uniform Civil Code is the requirement of the day. It directly leads the country towards gender equality. Only an
empowered mother can change the society. In the case of Hindus, we have seen that as the laws have changed over
years, the condition of women has changed drastically. The minorities should not resent the UCC, but they should
welcome it whole-heartedly. It is not an attack on religion but it is an attempt to free their women from age-old bonds
which are preventing the growth of the communities.
from:  Rishabh
Posted on: Sep 5, 2013 at 10:28 IST
I think it is difficult to have a uniform civil code in a pluralistic society like India. The awareness among different section of society about their rights is good and the alternate approaches at the local level to realise their rights should be facilitated. But, the alternative must be according to law.
from:  Digvijay Singh
Posted on: Sep 3, 2013 at 23:27 IST
A secular state demands that all laws are equally applied to its citizens and not left for different interpretations to past, present and emerging groups of people. While appreciating the fact that a lot of progress has been made in application of these different community based personal laws, it overlooks the fact that we are a Secular country and our country was founded on principles of Justice, Liberty and Equality. UCC will never be irrelevant if we are serious about continuing with our democratic and secular traditions.
from:  Prosenjit Roy
Posted on: Aug 31, 2013 at 18:25 IST
India requires one law applicable to everyone as because we are Indian. The law is uniform civil code. No argument to divert the attention from main theme by quoting some examples and fabricated facts.
from:  kalishankar tiwary
Posted on: Aug 29, 2013 at 09:43 IST
The essence of social change is the progressive outlook and the share of equal rights among the man and woman. India is the most democratic country on the Earth in giving due protection and justice to all its citizens irrespective of any prejudices, creeds, color, gender, or religion. The primitive age is over much earlier followed by progressive social change and intellectual transition. Gender discrimination is a social barrier for joint endeavor to gross development. All human beings are born unchained only to enjoy equal freedom and share in pursuing life at their own will and way.
from:  Tariq Aziz
Posted on: Aug 24, 2013 at 21:32 IST
Different society and religion has yielded differently to the cause
of women. Hindu society vehemently opposed the legislations trying to
give women rights denied earlier. Same is with the Muslim, Parsi and
Christian societies. Universally, resistance is put forward by the
But, the good thing is that now the forces are coming within the
society and there is more optimistic scene for consensus for bringing
womenkind to equal status with men. The change is inevitable and
those societies who thinks that they have done quite substantial in
the field need re-evaluation. Progressive forces need to act
continuously without being complacent because there is long way to go
to correct the distortion manufactured since ages.
There is need for Uniform Civil Code. This will be very helpful for
women as it would provide equal rights to all women and men. Equality
and nothing will be the outcome if UCC is codified in today's
environment when demand for equality is core of change.
from:  Gour
Posted on: Aug 23, 2013 at 17:22 IST
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