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Issue Date: 13-10-2017

Cover Story

'Viable bullet train is an oxymoron'

Chinese lessons

The nowhere train

Arduous work, little rest

European experience

Chasing a chimera

'Jungle' compartment

Style over substance

The Nation

The wall of Vadnagar

The privacy ruling

Anger in the hills

Selling spirituality

Bias in the open

Dismantling protection

Unkept promises

Education, the worst casualty

Draft rules and dissent

A Santhal suppressed

‘It’s about the unmaking of modern India’

Politics of divine intervention

The paradox in Tamil Nadu

Panacea at a price

A 'joke' by the NGT!

Brand Amrita

Tainted guru

Blueprint for privatisation

Built on bias

Columns » C.P. Chandrasekhar

Mixed external signals

Columns » Jayati Ghosh

The winner takes it all

Arts & Culture

Building India

Demolishing a legacy

Arts & Culture » Heritage

Vadnagar’s wall of fame

Arts & Culture » Literature

Feuding twins

World Affairs

Going after the Dreamers

Back to the booth

The BRICS factor

Uncertain future


Colonial continuity

Kashmir myths

Other » Data Card

Migrant woes

Other » Letters

Letters to the editor


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