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Flight of sparrows
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A nationwide survey finds that the common house sparrow is not so common any more. By LYLA BAVADAM

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In our childhood days we often chanted the famous bengali lines " CHARI PAKHI DARAGA< DIM PERECHHHE BAROTA....EKLTA DIM NASTO..CHARAI PAKHIR KASTO..." Those days are gone with the passage of time and we lost all our childhood sparrows. Please save the bird
from:  manas mukhopadhyay
Posted on: Apr 28, 2013 at 13:37 IST
It is heartening to see there are repeated discussions about the house sparrows. My mother, an octogenarian, made the observation way back in 2000; she asked me "What happened to the chirping sparrows?" I shared her anxiety with B.E.students, and got the reply that they are still seen in Peranampet near Vellore. I blogged in Rediff Island about it, and attributed the reasons for disappearance to the presence of excessive residual pesticides in ears of corn, and grains spilled at the marketing places. During my stay at Thane district I was delighted to find sparrows in large numbers. A reader from Chennai wrote to me saying they could be seen near Woodlands gardens.
A research scholar showed me an article in Tamil which claimed that the sparrow is of European origin, brought here by westerners, and attributed the reason for disappearance to radio-activity from Cell-phone towers. Lyla Bavadam is more correct. The disappearance started years before cell-phone towers were wet up.
from:  M.D.Jayabalan
Posted on: Apr 24, 2013 at 08:44 IST
House Sparrow is the commmon bird which I have since my childhood.
Their shouting is my alarmbell in the morning during my school days. But
now a days it is very unfortunate that this birds are not chirping in my
home ceiling,even they not making any nest,we should save this bird at
any cost,and we should campaign to save this bird, otherwise it will
extinct in few years.Our next generation will not be see this beautiful
and sweet bird in the near future.
from:  Chow Debankar Borgohain
Posted on: Apr 22, 2013 at 14:19 IST
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Volume: 31
Issue: 08
Issue Date: 02-05-2014



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