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Namdeo Dhasal
Voice of the oppressed
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VIVEK BENDRE Namdeo Dhasal. He founded the Dalit Panthers, the very militant expression of the Dalit movement.

Namdeo Dhasal (February 15, 1949-January 15, 2014), Dalit writer, reformist and activist, believed in the power of the written word to bring about social change. By LYLA BAVADAM

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In obituary to Namdeo Dhasal, (Voice of the oppressed: 7 February 2014 issue) two titles of Namdeo Dhasal's books of collection of poems are mentioned viz. 'Moorkh Mhataryane' & 'Dongar Halavale'. It is actually a single book of collection of poems titled 'Moorkh Mhataryane Dongar Halavale meaning 'the foolish old man who shook the mountains'. It was brought out by Magowa Prakashan, a new left group functional in Maharashtra in the seventies.
-Ashok Rajwade,
from:  Ashok Rajwade
Posted on: Feb 5, 2014 at 06:04 IST
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