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World Affairs
West Asia
Inside the matrix
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Gautam Bhatia Settlements and settler roads carve up the hills and the land below. This is a view from Wallajeh village.

Israel’s facts on the ground, Palestine’s people on the ground. By GITHA HARIHARAN

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The truth is the minute Israel lets down its guard it's deleted. They do
what they do to survive, unfortunately the palestinians are checkers in
a cynical game. Every honest reporter knows this.
from:  Corona
Posted on: Apr 30, 2013 at 13:20 IST
In an ocean of Arab population, Jews are a tiny island. Unless the Arab world(Saudi, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq etc ...) do not RECOGNIZE Israel as a nation, we have to support Israel because whatever they are doing they are doing for their own survival. The Arabs are practicing collective racism towards Israel, we have to deplore it. Jews and Arabs are brothers, Arabs needs to realize it. Unless the Arabs, treat Israel as one of their own, Israel can do whatever it takes to survive.
from:  Samir Thapa
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 15:44 IST
This is an incomplete report, not to say a prejudiced one. Why have you not interviewed the Israeli Jews living in the same area?
from:  Sanjeev
Posted on: Apr 27, 2013 at 11:15 IST
Indeed security of Israeli settlers is the biggest concern because
they know the consequences of injustice they are doing to the poor Arabs. In
old times, people used to fortify themselves inside the walls to
protect themselves from the dangers of enemies but here Israel has
developed such a technique in which they are fortifying their poor
enemies, where the former will enjoy the life beneath the open sky and
the latter will live under all kind of miseries of life and under the
kindness of their big boss.
The world, specially so called guardian of world U.S.A knows how
legitimate are these settlements, but still the security of these
settlers is important against those poor creatures. For Israelis every
tank, street and stone of their proposed greater Israel is holy and
relating to prophet Moses except the actual dwellers of that land. It
is stigma for Israel, U.N and the world.
Posted on: Apr 26, 2013 at 11:59 IST
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Volume: 31
Issue: 08
Issue Date: 02-05-2014



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