Nehru's legacy: Development plan

Development model

1950: Nehru signing the First Five Year Plan (1951-56) document.

Imagining the nation

Science as solution

April 21, 1956: Nehru addressing students at the first convocation of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Modern nationhood

A vision for India

January 24, 1950: Nehru signing India's Constitution at the final session of the Constituent Assembly. He established the democratic ethos, the democratic institutions and the democratic practices that other powerful leaders of newly independent countries found so easy to abandon.

Extracts from EMS' book

The Gandhi-Nehru legacy

An Undated photo of Mahatma Gandhi in conversation with Jawaharlal Nehru at the Howrah station. From being a radical

Public Health

Anatomy of a tragedy

At the Chhattisgarh Institute of Medical Sciences hospital in Bilaspur on November 13, one of the women who took ill after a government sterilisation camp at a disused charitable hospital being shifted to a private hospital.


Breach of promise on IPR policy?

Shamnad Basheer, IPR expert:

APEC Summit

Towards Multipolarity

Chinese President Xi Jinping flanked by U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin during a group photo of leaders of APEC at Yanqi Lake, north of Beijing, on November 11.

West Asia

Rise of the jehadis

Syrians fleeing I.S. militants. Crowding behind the border fence with Turkey near the town of Suruc, on September 18.

Bald Ibis

Under a wing

The birds following their foster parents who are on board the microlight.


Removing roadblocks

A view of the interior of the PRP Granite Company at Therkutheru on the Madurai-Melur highway.


Protecting monopolies

At a garment manufacturing unit near Kochi. Synthetic garments account for 20 per cent of garment exports.

West Bengal

Charge sheets and a suicide attempt

Kunal Ghosh leaves hospital after tests were conducted on him following his suicide attempt in jail on November 15.

Economic Vision

In the name of Nehru

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, party vice-president Rahul Gandhi and former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the celebrations in New Delhi on November 14, Nehru's 125th birth anniversary. Unable or unwilling to revive the Nehruvian agenda, the Congress, from the 1990s, looked for softer options of relying on and leveraging foreign capital.


The middle path

September 2, 1961: Jawaharlal Nehru addressing the first Non-Aligned Summit Conference in Belgrade.

Idea of secularism

Secular, above all

March 1947: Jawaharlal Nehru, Vice-President of the Interim Government of India, visiting the riot affected city of Multan, in undivided Punjab along with Dr Gopichand Bhargava, the Chief Minister of Punjab.


Failed ideas

1948: Just after the police action in Hyderabad state, Nehru on a visit to the Nizam (centre) during the regime of the military government headed by Major General J.N. Chaudhuri (right).

From Nehru to his Chief Ministers

Letters for a nation

1948: Jawaharlal Nehru announces Gandhi's assassination to a crying crowd.


Muslims & police

An undated family handout photo of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence. He was killed in a racist attack by a gang of youngsters in Eltham, London, in April 1993.


Third intifada?

The Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque are seen in the background of the homes of Jewish settlers in Silwan, a mostly Palestinian district abutting the Old City in Jerusalem, on November 3.


History’s Wall

At the Berlin Wall memorial in Berlin, on Novembe 9, Chancellor Angela Merkel Mayor Klaus Wowereit (right) leave after putting roses in a preserved segment of the Berlin Wall during the ceremonies that marked the 25th anniversary of its fall.


To harness monsoon

Waialeale, a mountain in Kauai Island in Hawaii. It is one of the wettest spots on the earth. A volcanic eruption tore its front half (east-facing), giving it an armchair-like shape, which makes it conducive to the rising of clouds.


Split after defeat

G.K. Vasan announcing his decision to start a new political party, in Chennai on November 3.


On a comet

The lander Philae lodged in the shadow of a cliff on the comet C-G.

India & Sri Lanka

Semantics of a release

The five fishermen with Indian High Commissioner Y.K. Sinha after their release from prison in Colombo.

Data Card

New emissions target

This handout picture taken by Tim Cole and released by on November 13, 2014, shows Australians burying their heads in the sands of iconic Bondi Beach to send a message to Prime Minister Tony Abbott about the dangers of climate change.
Volume: 31
Issue: 24
Issue Date: 09-12-2014



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