The Hindutva project

Distorting history, manufacturing culture

A Naga sadhu at the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar in March 2010. The Naga sadhus had led an armed march in 1966 to Parliament House demanding a ban on the slaughter of cows, which resulted in extensive violence and stringent police action.

Moral policing

Space for love

Hindutva activists argue with participants in the

Politics of meat-eating

Messing with food habits

A demonstration organised by the Gau Raksha Samiti demanding cow protection, at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on May 31.

Assembly Elections: Jammu and Kashmir

Voting with hope

An elderly person comes out of a polling station after casting his vote in the second phase of the Assembly election, at Devsar Kulgam district in south Kashmir, on December 2.

Assembly Elections: Jharkhand

Mission impossible?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with BJP leader Kariya Munda (left) and Rabindra Rai campaigning for BJP candidates in Ranchi on November 29.


To the edge and back

A Rapid Response Team of the Animal Husbandry Department arriving at Vengal in the upper Kuttanad village of Peringara in Pathanamthitta district, on November 29.

Livelihood Issues

Scheming against the poor

Desilting the Gangula Cheruvu near Boddam village in Vepada mandal of Vizianagaram district under the MGNREGS. A file picture.


Muslims and police

The journalist Iftikar Gilani (right) and his lawyer coming out of the court in New Delhi after his release in January 2003. He had been charged in the Parliament attack case for possessing documents that were available in the public domain.


Scenic and sacred

The Leshan Buddha, up close after a strenuous climb.

The United States

Now, Ferguson

Protesters near a memorial in the middle of the street where Michael Brown was shot dead, on November 24.


Upfront against terrorism

Libyan security forces at the scene of a car bombing outside the UAE embassy building in Tripoli on November 13. The turmoil in Libya has led the UAE to play a more muscular role in that country and the region.


Behind the bonhomie

Prime Minister Narendra Modi greets his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif at the SAARC summit in Kathmandu on November 27 in the presence of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa (left) and Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala (centre).

Saffronising education

Twisted texts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is welcomeed by Human Resources Development Minister Smriti Irani on Teachers' Day in New Delhi on September 5. In the name of reforms, the government wants to fill up top educational posts with people ideologically acceptable to it.


Targeting ‘the Other’

Students from the north-eastern States stage a protest in New Delhi against the killing of Richard Loitam, a student from Manipur, at the NAV School of Architecture in Bangalore. A file picture.

West Bengal

On the back foot

Chief Mamata Banerjee leading a rally in Kolkata on November 24 alleging political vendetta in the CBI action against her party colleagues.


Godman in trouble

Rampal in a police lock-up in Panchkula before being produced before the Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh on November 20.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Betrayed & forsaken

A Union Carbide banner torched at a rally of the gas tragedy survivors in Bhopal on December 3.

Nuclear Energy

Safety first

Construction of RAPP 7 and 8 in progress at Rawatbhatta in Rajasthan. Behind the two units under construction are the Rana Pratap Sagar Lake and the Aravalli hills.


Fence eating the crops

Ranjit Sinha, whose tenure as CBI Director ended on December 2. On November 20, the Supreme Court ordered his removal from the investigation into the 2G spectrum allocations.

Rani ki Vav

A queen’s tribute

A frontal view of Rani ki Vav, showing the various levels of its floors and the well at the far end.

Data Card

Towards nuclear self-reliance

A nuclear fuel bundle being tested before it is loaded at the Tarapur Atomic Power Station.

Sri Lanka

Tough fight ahead

President Mahinda Rajapaksa.


Rethink on blockade

Cuban doctor Felix Baez Sarria, who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, arrives at the Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland on November 21. Baez, a member of the 165-person medical team Cuba sent to Sierra Leone, caught the disease when he rushed to help a patient who was falling over.


Eastward ho!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with leaders from the Asia-Pacific region during the 9th East Asia Summit at Nay Pyi Taw in Myanmar.

PM's visit to Fiji

Pacific bridge

Prime Minister Narendra Modi being accorded a traditional welcome in Fiji.
Volume: 31
Issue: 25
Issue Date: 26-12-2014



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