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Columns » C.P. Chandrasekhar
Cost of reliance on gas
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REUTERS/Handout An undated handout photograph of Reliance Industries' KG-D6 facility in Andhra Pradesh. The company has had trouble meeting its production target, but it has been gaining in steps from the evolving gas pricing regime.

A proposal to fix a higher, uniform price for all domestically produced natural gas is put on hold after objections from the Power and Fertilizer Ministries over the crippling effect it can have on the public sector user industries. Reliance would have gained the most from the proposal.

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Citizens wish to know alternatives and opportunity costs of not
increasing the price of natural gas. How do we increase domestic
production of gas, and coal so that our balance of trade problems do
not adversely impact our economy? Unlimited imports of coal or natural
gas or other petroleum products over a long period of time are neither
advisable nor possible. No one is sure of the prices of these
commodities over a period of say 7 to 10 years. Further, our current
account deficit is a huge concern and, therefore, we must seize every
possible opportunity to increase domestic production of all petroleum
products and coal, too. But without foreign capital is it possible to
hike production? The cascading effect of increase in prices of
petroleum products on inflation is a matter of serious concern too,
but no easy solutions have ever been suggested by economists.
from:  Narendra M Apte
Posted on: Jul 9, 2013 at 16:03 IST
When C P Chandrashekhar writes there is indeed a point in it. Already common man is boiling. This new price will add more woes.
from:  Prasanna Byahatti
Posted on: Jul 8, 2013 at 15:34 IST
As the gas price in international market are significantly lower than the price set by ministry at above $8 ; one could clearly see the profit orientation of the government and Reliance. In a country like ours ...we need to development oriented and look beyond the short term gain and stability. Can this price structuring and neo-liberal loot by capitalist be challenged on principle of Right to life in SC???
from:  Manjeet
Posted on: Jul 2, 2013 at 18:04 IST
A worker is unable to get a minimum wage of Rs 12000/-which means Rs80/-
per head, which is again for food, clothing ,education,health and
shelter. Govt is not taking care of his wages.IT IS NOT INCREASED EVEN
BY 10%. But it is interested in Reliance and doubled its price paid for
the gas on demand, a committee to justify this favoritism. No one could
question its non performance or non performance. What a democracy!! How
from:  usharani
Posted on: Jul 1, 2013 at 20:23 IST
The gas price has already been doubled..hurrra to reliance. yet another neo liberal , capitalist step in the name of promoting invetsment.. the governments being run in collusion with corporates, no respite for the citizens, they have the option of freebeeis at the time of election..
how come a government which has still not cleared a minimalist food security decide swiftly for burdening the state around 15000 cr additional just to benefit a group?
from:  saurabh tomar
Posted on: Jul 1, 2013 at 10:25 IST
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Volume: 31
Issue: 15
Issue Date: 08-08-2014




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