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Jayati Ghosh is Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She has authored and co-edited several books and more than 120 scholarly articles. She is Executive Secretary of International Development Economics Associates (IDEAS - www.networkideas.org) and Trustee of Economic Research Foundation (www.macroscan.org).
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Tangled history

The peculiar situation of North Cyprus today suggests that cosmopolitanism, which has defined its history, could also be its deliverance. »

How not to treat agriculture

If Budget 2015 is any indication, the Modi government is going beyond what could be called benign neglect of agriculture to policy moves that are likely to harm its viability. »

Averting a Greek tragedy, for now

In a situation that is still fluid, what Greece needs is a fallback option that will allow it to negotiate from a position of strength knowing that it has other schemes worked out for life beyond the euro. »

In search of clean air

The worsening atmospheric pollution in India threatens the basic health of people, but almost nothing is being done in terms of effective public policy to address this serious problem. »

Skills and ills

There is more to skill development than just training and an emphasis on private sector participation. It involves coming to terms with the skill gaps and making it part of a broad macroeconomic and development strategy. »

One more chimera

Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” call is based largely on bluster, bravado and marketing hype and lacks any clear strategy for proactive trade and industrial policies. »

The unkindest cut

The Narendra Modi government has proposed sweeping cuts in important areas of social spending without any public debate. The cuts will affect the well-being of people and are unlikely to have the desired effect of delivering higher GDP growth. »

The land of exclusion

Those at the bottom of the social hierarchy are the ones worst hit by an intersecting set of inequalities, in areas like school education, housing, work opportunities and legal justice, says a new study. »

‘Cleaning up’ India

Until the government improves the conditions of those who are responsible for keeping our spaces clean, how can we aspire to any degree of “swachchata”? »

One more burden

Linking the price of an essential intermediate like diesel to global oil prices is another way of putting the squeeze on mass consumers. »
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Jayati Ghosh
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