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Jayati Ghosh is Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She has authored and co-edited several books and more than 120 scholarly articles. She is Executive Secretary of International Development Economics Associates (IDEAS - www.networkideas.org) and Trustee of Economic Research Foundation (www.macroscan.org).
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The unkindest cut

The Narendra Modi government has proposed sweeping cuts in important areas of social spending without any public debate. The cuts will affect the well-being of people and are unlikely to have the desired effect of delivering higher GDP growth. »

The land of exclusion

Those at the bottom of the social hierarchy are the ones worst hit by an intersecting set of inequalities, in areas like school education, housing, work opportunities and legal justice, says a new study. »

‘Cleaning up’ India

Until the government improves the conditions of those who are responsible for keeping our spaces clean, how can we aspire to any degree of “swachchata”? »

One more burden

Linking the price of an essential intermediate like diesel to global oil prices is another way of putting the squeeze on mass consumers. »

A definition that works

The U.N.-approved new definition of work has several laudable aspects, but an important one for India is the inclusion in it of the unpaid work done by women for households and society. »

Fighting for policy space

The right of governments to identify and pursue the most appropriate mix of economic and social policies in order to achieve equitable and sustainable development in their own national contexts should not be inhibited by the threat of legal retribution. »

The global laggard

The United Nation’s MDG report 2014 shows that despite India’s significant economic progress, around one-third of the world’s extremely poor people reside in the country. »

Gujarat model: The real story

A scholarly, well-researched book shows that the much-vaunted “growth” in Gujarat in the last decade has benefited big capital more than the common man. »

The Argentina debt case

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling that favours hedge funds in a case relating to Argentina’s debt restructuring agreement with creditors over a decade ago “severely erodes sovereign immunity and may be illegal under other U.S. laws”. »

Music and its spaces

The amazing concert hall of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra captures more than just musical imagination. »
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Jayati Ghosh
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