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Jayati Ghosh is Professor of Economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She has authored and co-edited several books and more than 120 scholarly articles. She is Executive Secretary of International Development Economics Associates (IDEAS - www.networkideas.org) and Trustee of Economic Research Foundation (www.macroscan.org).
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Woolly promises

The most dangerous aspects of the BJP’s election vision for India are not only those that threaten the country’s secular fabric but also those that envisage the enforcement of an aggressively pro-big business agenda. »

A raw deal for migrants

A significant part of economic migration is still the result of desperation rather than hard-headed economic calculation. This, in turn, affects the conditions under which workers migrate and their lives and work as well. »

A manifesto for women

A women’s charter for the election highlights many of the main concerns of women, and puts forward a checklist of demands that political parties should consider. »

Breathless in Beijing

The air pollution in the city in mid-February was more than 10 times the WHO-prescribed safe limit. It led to the authorities shutting down chemical, metallurgical and other such industries, besides banning outdoor barbecues and even asking people to stay indoors. »

Nationalising losses

The pushing through of private infrastructure projects without due regard to regulatory requirements and social and environmental norms is socially disruptive and exposes the economy to huge financial risks. »

What about aam aurat?

The support for the AAP has given way to wariness following evidence of patriarchal attitudes to women among the party’s leaders. »

Undoing the damage

It is a time of hope in Chile when Michelle Bachelet takes over as President in March, though it will take time, patience and effort to undo the damage done to Chilean economy and society through decades of aggressive neoliberalism, and to create a more equitable society. »

Understanding the ‘mango people’

The AAP has benefited more from what it is not than from what it is and so must define itself much more clearly in terms of how it sees the alternative in programmatic and policy terms, particularly if it sees itself as a national force. »

A case for universal pension

In a situation of increasing life expectancy and crumbling traditional support structures, a universal social pension scheme that does not rely on contribution by a person or an employer can help the elderly. »

Trade secrets revealed

The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership on intellectual property rights being negotiated secretly, as exposed by WikiLeaks recently, is breathtaking in its overweening ambition to cement the corporate takeover of as much knowledge as possible. »
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Jayati Ghosh
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