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K. Satchidanandan is a Malayalam poet, translator, academic and bilingual critic and former Secretary, Sahitya Akademi.
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Creative border crossings

Aesthetics can be a powerful tool to understand the nature of the organic kinship between various arts and their fundamental unity despite the specificity of their individual forms. »

The idea of home

Githa Hariharan’s “Almost Home" shows how the word “home” represents a shifting, semantically uncertain and politically ill-defined concept and how under its placid surface lie the turbulent tales of lost and broken homes, homes fervently sought and seldom won, destined to inhabit sighs and tears. »

Finding her voice

From Lalitambika Antarjanam, considered the pioneer of women’s fiction in Malayalam, and her contemporaries to more recent writers such as Sarah Joseph, it can be said that the language has produced some of the best works of fiction by women in the country. »

Rereading Gandhi

The contemporary crisis in public ethics proves the ineffectuality of purely formal democracy and explains the failure of democracy in this period of economic booms that nourish anti-democratic sentiments. It is in the search for the ethical foundations of democracy that we will be forced to rediscover the relevance of Gandhi. »

Chiselled poetry

Evolving idioms for a changing world as seen in the poetry of a few modernist Indian poets. »

From the earth and the sky

Remembering and celebrating three very different books of poetry published in 2014, each with its own unique poetic voice and vision. »

Critiquing nationalism

Rabindranath Tagore’s concepts can form the basis of a critique of the idea of an over-centralised nation seeking cultural standardisation as also a plea for a more open, truly federal polity where people are free to imagine the nation in the way they want and relate to it on their own terms. »

Squeezing the olives

There is hardly any dissenting writer in the world who has not turned the period of his/her imprisonment into a season for reflection, imagination and creative expression. »

Dreams of a lost land

Ibohal Kshetrimayum, a Manipuri who lives in Meghalaya, is unique in the way he blends the personal and the social in his intensely moving, magical, autumn-fresh poems with their primitive energy. »

The power of the myth

Myths have not only survived science and technology but will continue to fascinate creative minds who find in them the threads to weave their own narratives that reflect the traumatic times they live in. »
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