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Sashi Kumar is a journalist, film-maker and media thinker and initiator who launched the Asianet TV channel and subsequently founded, and chairs, the not-for-profit public trust Media Development Foundation, which runs the Asian College of Journalism.
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Prefiguring journalistic truth-telling

The 1929 Soviet film “Man with the Movie Camera” by Dziga Vertov was recently adjudged the greatest documentary ever made; Vertov himself perhaps was not without a sense that the film was speaking more to posterity than to the present. »

The aesthetics and politics of representation

Some things are too raw and searingly current to be depicted in the media or as art, but eventually most of them will become grist for art in some form or the other. »

Yudh: The story thus far

One has the nagging suspicion that behind the plot of who is out to get the hero, the real theme may be about making a grand case for the corporates that want a free run of the country's mineral-rich swathes. »

The fact of fiction

In science fiction, the fiction was always ahead of the science in terms of what the human mind aspires to. Telepathy and telekinesis are now being validated as doable and demonstrable mental feats. »

The new journalism

We are into, it would appear, an intermediary phase where journalism must keep readjusting itself as it tries to be all things to all devices and formats. »

Cine-framing the morally monumental

Two films have been planned on the master whistle-blower Edward Snowden, but the true film on Snowden, to be more than a superficial spy runaround, must get to the moral core of the man. »

The ‘Polled Over’ effect

The psychological impact of psephology, for those who dread the prospect of a Narendra Modi government, has been devastating even before the votes have been cast and counted. »

The act of killing

Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary “The Act of Killing” is a blistering unblinking gaze at the humungous nature of human cruelty. »

Scientific bent and bent science

At a time when information and disinformation are two sides of the same coin, science today seems to have become contested territory where a scientocracy, people’s resistance movements and commercial business lobbies are pitted against one another. »

The model and the code

The market paradigm of the online news business has implications for the larger social function of the media and needs a business model that is tempered by a code of practice. »
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Sashi Kumar
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