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Sashi Kumar is a journalist, film-maker and media thinker and initiator who launched the Asianet TV channel and subsequently founded, and chairs, the not-for-profit public trust Media Development Foundation, which runs the Asian College of Journalism.
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The act of killing

Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary “The Act of Killing” is a blistering unblinking gaze at the humungous nature of human cruelty. »

Scientific bent and bent science

At a time when information and disinformation are two sides of the same coin, science today seems to have become contested territory where a scientocracy, people’s resistance movements and commercial business lobbies are pitted against one another. »

The model and the code

The market paradigm of the online news business has implications for the larger social function of the media and needs a business model that is tempered by a code of practice. »

A potted history of national television

Tracing the progress of television from its initial days to the present when the studio, as much as the street, is a locus of direct democracy. »

Colour, light & darkness

The perception of colour is mediated by the need-based vocabulary for colour in different cultures and periods. »

Requiem for film

The closure of Prasad Colour Lab, the largest commercial film laboratory in the country, spells the end of film. With this epochal shift, an entire way of life with its highs and lows stands altered. »

The rape reality check

The Tarun Tejpal case is one more instance of a woman stepping out of the stigmatised victim stereotype and, instead, stigmatising and shaming the offender. »

Know thy news

The practice of journalism today is not just about purveying fact and information and demands of journalists a high level of knowledge in addition to journalistic skills in a market that increasingly favours qualitative improvement over quantitative mass-sell. »

Codes and tropes of silence

When the media will not talk about their own faults, who or what else will? It behoves a self-confident and conscientious news media to lay themselves open to criticism just as much as they criticise all and sundry around them. »

Into the digital, oral era

Much in the tradition of oral history, the new media online has an oral impulse both in terms of its freewheeling spokenness and in its drawing on the opinions and experiences of a teeming cross section of society. »
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Sashi Kumar
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