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Sashi Kumar is a journalist, film-maker and media thinker and initiator who launched the Asianet TV channel and subsequently founded, and chairs, the not-for-profit public trust Media Development Foundation, which runs the Asian College of Journalism.
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Beyond the moralising screen

Of intrusive health advisories on cinema screens and the suspicion of many a sip between the shot and the sound bite on prime time television news. »

Caste spins and readings

A gaffe on twitter by a veteran television news anchor is widely held to be in poor taste and his attempt to rationalise it in a newspaper column only ends up staining what he sought to cleanse. »

The epic in a pixel

The epic form that informs Kumar Shahani’s cinema is a fine and delectable memory not because his cinematic journey is over, but because his is the kind of cinema “that now needs the refuge of the museum to survive and live again”. »

Close-up and up close

A striking feature of the thoughtfully curated documentary film festival held in Mumbai is the iterative power of the first person conversational or testimonial voice and/or face in close-up. »

Noisy signals

The yes-sir-present-sir response of Doordarshan to the ruling party, its slants and biases, are unfailingly all too obvious. The private channels have become adept at being more inscrutable, even devious, in their ways, much like their counterparts in the West. »

Prefiguring journalistic truth-telling

The 1929 Soviet film “Man with the Movie Camera” by Dziga Vertov was recently adjudged the greatest documentary ever made; Vertov himself perhaps was not without a sense that the film was speaking more to posterity than to the present. »

The aesthetics and politics of representation

Some things are too raw and searingly current to be depicted in the media or as art, but eventually most of them will become grist for art in some form or the other. »

Yudh: The story thus far

One has the nagging suspicion that behind the plot of who is out to get the hero, the real theme may be about making a grand case for the corporates that want a free run of the country's mineral-rich swathes. »

The fact of fiction

In science fiction, the fiction was always ahead of the science in terms of what the human mind aspires to. Telepathy and telekinesis are now being validated as doable and demonstrable mental feats. »

The new journalism

We are into, it would appear, an intermediary phase where journalism must keep readjusting itself as it tries to be all things to all devices and formats. »
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Sashi Kumar
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