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Double whammy
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ranjeet kumar Veteran BJP leader L.K. Advani with Bihar Chief Minister and JD(U) leader Nitish Kumar. Their reactions to Narendra Modi's elevation as the chairman of the BJP's election campaign committee underscores the unacceptability of his leadership.

The euphoria that Narendra Modi’s elevation as election campaign chief created in the BJP suddenly turned into panic with senior leader L.K. Advani rising in revolt and the party’s long-time ally Janata Dal (United) leaving the NDA. By VENKITESH RAMAKRISHNAN

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The Indian citizens are eagerly looking for a strong political leader
able to take decisions promptly.They do not want current chaotic
conditions prevailing, lack of good governance, policy
paralysis,corruption,inflation,internal and external policy
failures,unemployment,pathetic state of economy etc. At this juncture
the ray of hope Indians have is that of Narendra Modi, who is the only
development oriented,progressive and strong leader who can lead India
further. No Rahul or Sonia can reach near him in poluar support, even
if he has some drawbacks, as every human being. None of our past
political leaders were 100% perfect, they too had limitations and
serious drawbacks. If Modi isunsuitable, who else is there to take PM
seat, let alone some puppets or clowns.
from:  baby karumalloor
Posted on: Jul 10, 2013 at 11:35 IST
Modi although a divisive political figure is today the most popular
politician in india.Even here in Tamil Nadu others are no match for
him.Rahul Gandhi who is being projected by Congress as counter to Modi
has absolutely no public rapport and is no where near Modi.But it
should be realized that in a democratic India secular and plural
politics alone can survive.Modi is not only communal but not a team
leader too.Modi should first apologize for his role in 2002 riots
before dreaming of any post at center.As such it would be ideal if he
opts out and makes some one more inclusive like Sushma Swaraj ad BJP
PM candidate
from:  natarajan
Posted on: Jun 30, 2013 at 08:31 IST
There is no doubt that Mr. Narendra Modi is far more popular than Shri
Advani and has been chosen for his winning ability. Further, his OBC
status would also help BJP in elections. It is naïve to think that
only in Bihar or UP the elections are fought on caste based politics.
States of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh are no
We are thinking that highly educated people who can write and
converse in English in a fairly decent manner may not be influenced by
their mother tongue, religion, State to which they belong or caste. I
do not know how many are prepared to accept that this belief is simply
not true. Incidentally, all those who are claim that Mr. Modi is very
popular should not forget that even in the last election the BJP’s
total vote count was just about 50 per cent. Thus, even in Gujarat,
where Mr. Modi is considered as a super achiever, almost 50 percent of
the voters have rejected BJP for whatever reasons, one of which may be
the caste factor.
from:  Narendra M Apte
Posted on: Jun 27, 2013 at 17:30 IST
When the author claims that Modi has received a doubly whammy, he
fails to make the case that LK Advani's revolt or JD-U's departure
have any negative impact on the prospects of Modi or of BJP under him
to score well in 2014.
LK Advani's revolt has severely weakened the non-Modi faction in BJP
showing its leader's influence to be marginal to BJP's future. JD-U's
desertion has in fact further weakened the non-Modi faction in BJP as
well as now given Modi a free-reign to fashion BJP's strategy and
message. Besides it would also strengthen BJP in Bihar even if it
weakens NDA there.
So basically the author wishes to see some negative repercussions of
all this on Modi, but it doesn't mean that it is true. Just wishful
from:  Raj
Posted on: Jun 26, 2013 at 15:16 IST
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Volume: 31
Issue: 15
Issue Date: 08-08-2014




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