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Tamil Nadu

Life term for school founder

On the 10th anniversary of the fire that claimed 94 lives in a Kumbakonam school, parents pay homage.

Civil Services

Testing time

Civil services aspirants protesting against the CSAT in New Delhi on July 25. The poster in Hindi reads “Why is UPSC giving precedence to English?”


Justice restored

Urban Planning

Not so smart idea

A view of the Lavasa project near Pune. At the core of a city are the people who harness their energies, creativity, intelligence and requirements to build the city with the bottom-up approach. But under the smart city concept, the pyramid is upturned, where first the infrastructure is built and then people are invited to come and adapt to those spaces.


Distorted lessons

Dina Nath Batra at his office in New Delhi on July 29.


Road to progress

The road to Nalbagla. Before 2008, this road did not exist, and Nalbagla, though a mere 55 km away from the capital, Agartala, remained one of the most inaccessible parts of Tripura.


Reverse gear

An advertisement for a life insurance company. Life insurance currently covers 3.1 per cent of the population.


Parivar & Partition

Noakhali, February 1947: Mahatma Gandhi, while opening a school for refugee children, handing over a new slate and a book to a boy.


Judges in the dock

Justice Markandey Katju, who is now the Chairman of the Press Council of India.


Peddler of myths

Y. Sudershan Rao, the new Chairman of the ICHR.


Feeding on fear

Rioters on the rampage in Saharanpur on July 26.


Digital disaster

A screenshot of the NICCA's home page.

Tamil Nadu

Award for Theodore Baskaran

Theodore Baskaran.
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